Wedding Program

The wedding was held at the Milan Community Center, in Milan, Michigan.  The main hall in the Community Center is a lovely, open space, 72' by 36' by about 18' high, with lots of large floor-level windows, opening on to a park area along the Saline River.

You can see an overview of the program on this page, or step-through the detailed parts of the program from any link.  We've included links about the music, composers, and writers that appear in the ceremony; we hope you'll find them interesting.

Prelude Music
Our 150 guests gathered in the main hall, while our neighbor, Dale Osborn played diverse selections from Bach to Kotke on his Taylor guitar.  Katie Ross, Barb's niece, marked the transition to a time of worship with a medley of hymn tunes on her French horn.

Pastors Brown Kinnard and Connie Bonner entered the hall and processed to the front to Linda Hunter's fiddling of Lord of the Dance.  Sarah and Liza Moore, Charles' nieces, followed as flower girls.  Charles' family, Peggy & Bill Roth, and Polly Moore completed this procession.


Connie welcomed everyone, and invited them to process outside and into a circle on the lawn, to await Charles' and Barb's entrance.
Coming Together
Led by a bagpiper, Barb entered from around the building, with her family attending her.  Niece Colleen Ross carried flowers in an antique mason jar that belonged to Barb's grandmother.  Nephew Kevin Ross carried the banner that was created by Barb, Katie, and Stella, Barb's mom.


As the piper finished, the riverbank phalanx burst into song, and Charles entered, from the river.
Declaration of Intent
Meeting in the center of the circle, Barb & Charles declared their intention to marry.
Praising the Mystery
Once everyone had returned inside the hall, we opened with a prayer and a song that recognize the mystery of simply being.

Welcoming our Community
...with our favorite "wedding song", Kate Wolf's Give Yourself to Love.

Remembering our Losses
Barb's dad (Arthur Ross), Charles' Uncle Merle, and Charles' friend KJ.

Honoring our Parents
Stella Ross, William C. Roth, and Peggy Roth.  With a little help from Kahlil Gibran.

Recognizing our Limitations
From William Cleary's Love May Fail.

Celebrating our Relationship
The Song of Songs, a Quaker silence, and Beggars to God

Becoming Married
Rings, vows, a homily on transformation, and a human chain of blessings.
Sharing our Gifts
A round of Weaving Wonder, the blessing, and a bag-pipe recessional.

The officiants, family, and attendants.

Thank You
Thank-you's to all the people who helped make the wedding (and the marriage!) possible.