CONNIE.  Welcome to the wedding of Barb McRae & Charles Roth.  This is a day of celebration--a day of enjoying the present moment with family and friends, of remembering the past with all its growing pains and glories, and of looking to the future with faith and courage and love.  This is a time for allowing the mystery of Divine Love to touch each of us as we witness the joining together of these two people.

Charles and Barb come to this day of wedding their hearts, minds, bodies and souls after many years of being on their own journeys.  To symbolize these individual paths, which now are joining, Barb & Charles have chosen unique ways of entering into this celebration.  They invite you all, as companions who have helped them on their separate journeys, to gather outside to witness their coming together.

We will process out these two doors, down the patio stairs and onto the grass within the circle of balloons.  For those who have difficulty walking, there are chairs on the patio if you'd like to sit or stand there instead of walking down onto the grass. 

After the declaration of intent, we will follow Charles and Barb back into the hall and return to our seats for the remainder of the ceremony.  Let us go and greet Barb and Charles!

Lord of the Dance Shaker Hymn
Walking Tune Traditional Scandanavian
Linda Hunter-Fiddle
Worship Leaders
Charles' Family

You are invited to follow the worship leaders outside
to witness the processions of the bride and groom.
Following the processions,
worship will continue inside the hall.
Ushers will help direct you.
Those who have difficulty walking are welcome to sit or stand on the patio.
In case of inclement weather,
the community will remain seated inside.

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