Recognizing our Limitations


   BROWN.  Knowing that to be human is by definition to be limited, Charles and Barb ask us to pray for them and for their relationship, that they would find, in relationship with God, help in their times of struggle and gratitude in their times of joy.
Love May Fail adapted from William Cleary


Holy Mystery of Creation,
     we know from history that love may fail.
     But you know from Wisdom how it can succeed,
          why it should succeed,
          what will make it succeed.
Give Barb & Charles more than the awesome magnetism
     that draws them together.
Give them more than the indescribable joy
     of encounter and union.
Give them more than the prodigious strength of desire.
     They need a share in your wisdom
          that will accept their own woundedness.
     They need some of your compassion
          to care about the sorrows of their partner.
     They need the acceptance of diversity
          that makes possible the concept of harmony.      
     (Unison is so much less interesting!)
Two othernesses are they, destined for communion.
We ask for Charles & Barb the level of true love they need
for success so that the years ahead will find them still side by side,
     their relationship intact and fast bonded,
          shaped and weathered
          by the challenges and successes
               of a long , fruitful life--together.  Amen.

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