Remembering our Losses

   BROWN.  This day, of course, represents a tremendous amount of joy.  But there has also been a lot of sadness leading up to this celebration.  Charles and Barb are aware of how their lives have been affected, both for good and ill, by the losses they've experienced.  They especially wish to remember those who are separated from them by death, and who are only able to be with them in sprit today.

Gymnopedie Satie
Dale Osborn - Guitar

(Barb rises and slowly lights the two memorial candles from the central wedding candle, while Charles speaks.)

   CHARLES.  Barb remembers her dad, Arthur Peter Ross, as a strong provider who made it possible for her to receive all of her education from private elementary through her masters degree, as a storyteller who made Barb laugh, and as an introspective man who could hear Barb's honesty.

I have two special people that I want to remember.  My Uncle Merle, or as we used to call him, my crazy Uncle Merle, who was just a really good guy... and was the first person I could argue with, about God, and the Universe, and feel comfortable.

Lastly, a very special woman, named K.J. Brinnitzer.  She twisted my arm one night, many years ago, and got me into theatre... and has given me a great deal.

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