Declaration of Intent
Meeting in the center of the circle of their friends and relatives, Barb & Charles were asked to declare their intentions:  

   BROWN.  Barb & Charles, we welcome you.  We are glad to join with you in the celebration of your marriage, to witness your vows, to pray with you and to wish you joy in your life together.  Marriage is the promise of hope between two people who love each other, who trust that love, and who wish to share the future together.  It enables two separate people to share their desires, longings, dreams and memories, and to help each other through their uncertainties.  It provides the encouragement to risk more and thus to gain more.  In marriage, partners belong together, providing mutual support and a stability in which their children may grow.

Within this circle of family and friends, and in the embrace of God, we invite you to declare your intentions:

Barb, do you love and trust Charles and want him to be your husband?

   BARB.  I do.

   BROWN.  Will you share his joys and ease his burdens?  Will you be honest with him and be faithful to him always, as long as you both shall live?

   BARB.  I will.

   BROWN.  Charles, do you love and trust Barb and want her to be your wife?

   CHARLES.  I do indeed!

   BROWN.  Will you share her joys and ease her burdens?  Will you be honest with her and be faithful to her always, as long as you both shall live?

   CHARLES.  I will!

   CONNIE.  Here in the presence of God we, the family and friends of Barb & Charles, recognize and affirm their relationship as they begin their married life in the community

Will we, as their community, do all in our power to support this couple now, and in the years ahead?

   COMMUNITY.  We will!

Jim Belcher, bagpiper A Scottish Soldier
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