Welcome to the McRae Roth Web Wedding Album

       We had such a great time at our wedding and wanted to go on sharing the joy of it with friends and family (and whomever stumbles upon us!).  The day was so full of fun activity and creative ritual to symbolize the deeper meaning for us.  What else did you expect from a dance gypsy and drama maniac like Charles and a feminist minister and relationship queen like Barb?   
We hope you enjoy the photos and script and links to various musicians and institutions.  If you have any photos or memories or ideas you'd like to pass on, send us e-mail at cb@gamgee.acad.emich.edu.  Thanks for stopping in...
Charles & Barb
     The logo on the home page was drawn for us by our friend Timothy Kocher-Hillmer, to suggest the union of sun (Barb, who rises early in the morning to write) and moon (Charles, who loves to dance or compute late into the night).  Did you know that it is an incredible coincidence that the sun and the moon appear to be exactly the same size as viewed from Earth?  Think about it...

     A project like this really helps us bring back the memories of the day... and is fun to work on together.  Nonetheless, it takes a lot of work, and there's much more stuff we hope to add.  (More pictures, stories from the reception, the Complex Conjugates dance that was written for us, etc.)

     We've tried to make this album "modem-friendly" to people who are dialing in from home, by using thumb-nail pictures throughout the main pages.  You can click on any picture to see the full-sized version; they just take a lot longer to download.  (On the other hand, if you have a high-speed connection, you can see the entire "slide-show" by clicking on the previous or next links on each full-sized picture.)

     This project also provides Charles with a good excuse to try out some HTML 'tricks'; if you see any strange behaviour, please let us know about it.  In the meantime you're also encouraged to explore his home page; there are a lot of interesting links there, especially for computer folk.