Geeks on the High Seas: The Linux Lunacy 3 cruise

Charles Roth, 23 September 2003

Having just returned from a week aboard the delightful Linux Lunacy 3 (LL3) Geek Cruise, I can safely say that this was one of the strangest (and yet most informative) technical conferences I've ever attended.

LL3 alternated between fairly intense technical sessions, and port-side touristing stops along the Alaska "inside passage".  With 100+ geeks onboard (out of a total complement of 1000, plus 300+ crew and servers), we made a small but tightly-knit band.

The technical sessions were positively intimate -- where else could I sit in a small group with Linus Torvalds, Guido von Rossum, Ted T'so, Doc Searls, or Mick Bauer, and learn about (respectively) the future of Linux, building web applications with Python, the intricate details of the Linux process scheduler, how Linux rewrites the roles of vendor and buyer, or how to best secure a Linux server?  (The latter with Linux Journal editor-in-chief Don Marti in a co-starring role as the invading script kiddie!)

Oh yes, and to top it off... I got to attend as an expenses-paid-for guest speaker, lecturing my fellow geeks about the ups and downs of on-line collaboration tools.  And just for fun, I performed I am the very model of a modern SCO Executive as a panelist on the "Who's Geek is it Anyway?" show.

A good time?  Oh yes!  Of course, now I have to get used to sleeping in a bed that doesn't pitch and roll in the middle of the night...

Links Pics   (Mostly stolen from Doc's Photo Gallery)
   Leaving Seattle... trying to get the %*&! wireless net working
The ship, the ship's pool, and Juneau.
Mts. near Juneau, Mendenhall glacier & nearby waterfall
Glacier Bay, Linus & audience
The Penguin Look, Guido & me
"I am the very model of a modern SCO executive..."
Cap't Neil, Doc & Jan Searls, Mick 'Google-Fu' Bauer
The speakers