Java Bookmarks

Charles Roth, 1/28/2011       (TechBlog top)

I. Introduction & Purpose
Just some frequently-used bookmarks for Java information that I often need... or are such gems that I don't want to lose them.  I welcome suggestions.  YMMV.

II. Basic Javadoc

  1. Java 1.6
    1. BufferedReader
    2. Formatting numeric print output
    3. java.util.Formatter
  2. Apache Commons, the motherlode.
    1. FileUtils
    2. NumberUtils
    3. StringUtils
  3. org.w3c.dom -- the XML DOM in all its, uh, glory.
  4. Restlet's
    1. Restlet 1.1 API
    2. Restlet 1.1 WADL extensions
  5. XMLUnit
    1. Javadoc
    2. Example code
    3. Tutorial examples

III. Interesting & helpful articles

  1. Java XPath API -- walking an XML DOM tree with XPath.
  2. Good entry level Unicode article.
  3. Read text file from resource.  Similarly, load properties file from jar.
  4. svn manual.
  5. Warrick is a very helpful tool for recovering "vanished" websites from the Internet Archive (aka the 'Wayback machine).  I am using this to recover some "old" versions of javadocs that have since disappeared from view.
  6. JavaMelody is a very nice java-app and system monitoring tool, with lots of graphs, including (most importantly) memory (aka heap) space used.
  7. Creating Java Annotations and Using annotations at runtime -- how they really work, and how to write your own.
  8. "Best java tools you never knew".
  9. Why We Need Open Wifi -- not exactly java/tech, but well worth reading and heeding.
  10. multi-line sed editing -- not java, but extremely handy for working with various java-related output (think Emma coverage logs, tomcat logs, etc.)