Haiku: sf/fantasy/movies

Charles Roth, 20 Feb 2019       (Techblog top)

I. Introduction
A chance enounter with a funny bumper-sticker haiku started a 'merry war' twixt my colleagues and I, creating haiku related to the humor/sf/fantasy/movie genre. 


II. The best, by author
...in my admittedly biased opinion.  I recommend reading down each column, then moving over to the next column.

From the web:   Chris Rennie   Charles Roth   Paul Kassal
Haikus often confuse me
Too often they make no sense
Hand me the pliers
Red shirt came down here
Captain, I have found something
Pair of smoking boots
Prophecy misread:
Anakin brings the Force to
Disney’s balance (sheets).
I know, alter time
Oh no, doom is upon us
How can we survive?
Space is limited
In a haiku, so it's hard
To finish what you
Java does clean up
Some threads do not die easy
What to do? Reboot!
Mjolnir's morality:
Outside Thor, who is worthy -
An elevator?
The Stormtrooper shoots,
shoots, and shoots, hitting nothing
what zen perfection!
Cartesian product
Very careful - join, select
Repeat, repeat, re-
Strong and brave leader,
And all they remember is
That damn bikini.
Leia likes scoundrels
But would sooner kiss Wookies
She’s a dirty girl