A Snow Shanty

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By: Eileen McGann

Woke up on a frozen morn
   Heave away, haul away
Radio said there's been a storm
   I'm bound for work this morning

Chorus 1: (after every 2 verses)
Heave away you frozen thing
   Heave away, haul away
All the way you'll hear me sing
   I'm bound for work this morning

Tried to open up the door
Snow's piled up five feet or more

Got a shovelling job ahead
Except the shovel's in the shed

Shoved the door and make a gap
One step out I'm on my back

It's down my collar, up my nose
Down my boots between my toes!

Struggle through the drifts and piles
Shed seems like its twenty miles

Reached the shed and realize
I've left the bloody keys inside


It's to the house, back to the shed
   Heave away, haul away
I think this snow is made of lead
   I'm bound for work this morning

Chorus 2: (ditto)
Heave away the ice and snow
   Heave away, haul away
Cursin' swearin' as you go
   I'm bound for work this morning

It's time to shovel out the cars
If we can find out where they are

The drive is done, the car is clear
What's that rumbling noise I hear?

I look up at the dreadful sound
The city plow is bearing down

The city plow goes thundering by
Leaving snow banks ten feet high

The car is buried there's no way
I'll make it into work today

I'll hitch the dog up to the sled
It's time this daschund earned his bread

The car is lost, the dog has fled
   Heave away, haul away
It's time I headed back to bed!

(Repeat Chorus 2 and Chorus 1 to close)