Rolling Down to Bethlehem

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Words by: Flawn Williams

It's a thoughtful life, full of mental strife we Wise Men undergo.
But we don't give a care, now the Christ Child's come, how fast our camels go.
Now we're Westward bound over desert ground with our gifts to bring to Him.
He's fast asleep with the pigs and the sheep in the town of Bethlehem.

Rolling down to Bethlehem, me boys,
Rolling down to Bethlehem,
We're Wise Men bound to the Holy Ground
Rolling down to Bethlehem.

Once more we pounce on our camel mounts and ride toward the stars
With sacks of gold and bags of myrrh and frankincense in a jar.
There'll be angels there with golden hair and shepherds on the hill
But they'd better make way when we come today to bestow our wise goodwill.

His father Joseph and Mary his mum had come their tax to pay,
But in Bethlehem there were so many men the hotels turned them away.
They were forced to go to the stable low to deliver the Baby then.
But we won't fuss - for Kings like us there's always room at the inn!

So thanks, good peasants, we now must go and continue our journey West.
We've enjoyed our short time here with you, so we'll grant your small request.
We are Wise Men true, so may God bless you, and your village poor and small
And we'll take away when we leave today that crippled boy named Amahl.