Manly Men -- Terpsichore Testostertones version

Charles Roth, 2013
(loosely based Greg Keeler's Overly Manly Man theme song, which in turn is probably based on the tune for "Shady Grove".)


We'll sail up north
and cross the ice
where the artic winds do blow
we'll drink all day 'till we're full and tight
and write our names in the snow

We'll drive out West in our SUVs
Hand-waxed to sheer perfection
We'll drive all day
without a map
And never ask for directions

We'll fight our battles where 'ere we go
Like that old Greek guy Ulysses
But no matter the pain
Our lips are sealed
'Cause feelings are for sissies

We are the masters of our fate
Like a captain out at sea
We'll set our own course
and we'll do what we like
(As long as our wives agree...)