St. Brendan's Fair Isle

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By: Jimmy Driftwood

When I was a lad on the Emerald Isle
I heard many stories both lovely and wild
About the great dragons and monsters that be
That swallow the ships when they sail on the sea.

Though I was an artist with canvas and paint
I sailed with St. Brendan and his jolly saints
We told the good people goodbye for a while
We sailed for St. Brendan's fair isle, fair isle
We sailed for St. Brendan's fair isle.

We'd been on the ocean for 94 days
When we came to a spot where the sea was ablaze
Those demons from Hades were dancing with glee
And burning the sailors alive on the sea

St. Brendan he walked on the blistering waves
He threw those demons right back to their caves
And all of the saints wore a heavenly smile
We sailed...

One night while the brethren were lying asleep
A great dragon came up from under the deep
He thundered and light'nend and made a great din
He awakened St. Brendan and all of his men

The dragon came on with his mouth open wide
We threw in a cross and the great dragon died
We skinned him and cooked him and feasted a while
We sailed...

  At last we came onto that beautiful land
We all went ashore and we walked on the sand
We took our longbows and we killed us a boo
We roasted it up and had hot barbecue

And after a while we were singing this song
We noticed the island was moving along
We ate and we drank and we rolled in great style
We sailed...

St. Brendan said "Boys, this is much to my wish
"To ride on the back of the world's biggest fish.
"Hold on to the line that is pullin' the ship
"We'll need it some day if this fish takes a dip."

We sailed every ocean, we sailed every sea
We sailed every spot that a sailor could be
In 44 days we sailed 10 million miles
We sailed...