Emma's Summer 2000

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(Some introductory remarks about the summer...)
      The babysitter from Heaven.  By (date), Barb was going back to work at Celtic Cross three days a week.  Searching for good child-care is hard work, but following our rule-of-three (always interview at least 3 people), Barb managed to hire Marianne (name) in (date).

Marianne was not only a talented and gifted teacher (who had worked on a (?) reservation school, as a special ed teacher, and (???) -- but she sometimes drove in from Grass Lake on her motorcycle! 

In this photo, Marianne is reading her "farewell" letter to Emma, as she was preparing to start her first year teaching in Grass Lake.  Marianne also gave us a wonderful Lee Ann Womack(?) recording, especially for Emma, titled "I hope you dance" (link to Lyrics)?

No, that's not our boat (sniff).