The Bravest

by Tom Paxton

"As I watched the events of September 11 like everyone else, writing a song about it didn't occur to me for hours.  When it did, my instinctive reaction was, 'No way.  This is over my head.  This is too overwhelming for me.  No way.'"

"And then, as I kept thinking about those firemen trapped inside the towers, a phrase kept running through my head.  Finally, I surrendered and thought I'd better try to write something and the phrase in my head became the chorus of The Bravest.  Now, I'll never be able to look at another fireman or -woman without realizing that I'm looking at someone who would lay down his or her life for me without ever knowing my name..."

- Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton and Anne Hills sang The Bravest at a performance at The Ark on 17 May 2002.  Tom added, "People have asked me if they can purchase a copy of this song.  The answer is no.  You can download it from  The song is free; that's the way it ought to be."

Currently it appears that you must be a member to download the song. You can also download it directly from here.